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STUDIO RESPIRA offers a vast range of oriental and western techniques, ancient and modern , all of which have recognized efficacy.

Our main goal is to obtain harmony between body and mind and find personal wellbeing.

Do you suffer from back pains? Are you stressed? Or , are you simply trying to feel well ? We have a treatment especially fit for you.



Emanuelle Serrao, Passionate about the holistic world since 2004, Emanuelle Serrao has never stopped training. SHIATSU operator and teacher at the Florence Shiatsu-ki school (COS certified), masseuse and massage teacher TRADITIONAL THAILAND and PLANTAR REFLEXOLOGY certified in Chiang Mai (Thailand) at the international ITM school, REIKI master, COUSELEUR Holistic, CSEN QI Instructor GONG certified by CONI teacher after a three-year course of QI Gong at the Traditional Acupuncture School of Florence, Tuiná operator and TUINÀ teacher at the school of Genoa Amal, as well as professional REBIRTHER enrolled on the Aireb register.
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tel: +39.340 19 11 074


Se aspiri ad avanzare nella tua vita interiore, mentalmente o spiritualmente, prova a liberare la tua respirazione e vedrai come anche tutto il resto si libera


relaxation techniques:

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tel. +39 340 19 11 074

Qi-Gong seminars, Reiki, Plantar reflexology


SHIATSUIt is a Japanese massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu helps to reach health and wellbeing by creating vital energy (ki) through the acupuncture meridians by using finger pressure and body stretching.
Shiatsu massage produces deep relaxation and it is effective against body pain, such as spasms, digestive pains or menstrual pains . It increases flexibility , it brings on good humor, and it improves your body posture.

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MASSAGGIO-RESPIRAZIONE QI GONGThai massage is a combination of Ayurvedic Indian massage influenced by traditional Chinese medicine. It is also called “yoga for lazy people” because the therapist uses acupressure and joint mobilization to move you into a series of yoga stretches , whereby you can reach some of the most important Asana Yoga positions. Thai massage increases flexibility and posture straightening. One session can last 90 minutes . Thai massage is both relaxing for the mind and energizing for the body.

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MASSAGGIO A 4 MANI YIN/YANG It’s a very light and harmonious massage, carried out with circular movements of the hands, using abundant warm oil.
The therapeutic effects of this massage come from the inhaling of the essential oils and from skin absorption. This massage is excellent against stress and emotional tensions. A real pleasant hour of relaxation.

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MASSAGGIO SENSITIVO CALIFORNIANODirectly from the center of the earth, volcanic smooth stones are warmed in hot water (just to reach 60-70 degrees approximately). These special stones maintain their heat for a long period and this therapeutic heat is transferred to the body. You will be driven into a warm feeling of wellbeing, with muscular and mental relaxation; these stones will also leave you with a very smooth skin.

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REIKIIt is a natural self healing system. The universal energy is canalized through the hands which are simply placed on different parts of the body during the session. A feeling of warmth, pleasant relaxation and consciousness of the mind are just some of the perceptions you can experiment with Reiki. It balances the body, the mind, emotions and the spirit because it works on the chakra system. Reiki will inspire you to personal inner growth towards the path of love.

We organize Reiki course for all levels.

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Chi-kung is an ancient Chinese gymnastic based on traditional medicine. The forms used in this practice are complete movements which involve the whole organism and include stretching , meditation and breathing. Chi-kung exercises are believed to increase health and the individual potentials, to revitalize the body and the mind, to prevent disease, to tone up the internal organs, muscles and tendons, to improve your balance, to reduce stress, to improve the immune system, to remove toxins and to contribute to a longer healthy life. Both microcosm and macrocosm coexist together in silent practice and moving meditation. The slow rhythm and harmonious movements offer a wonderful sense of peace and beauty.

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